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A Brief Introduction of the Company

In August 2014, in order to provide professional services of international trade to medium, small and micro foreign trade enterprises, the platform, on the basis of "Shandong Hiking International Commerce Group Co., Ltd.", was upgraded into "Shandong Hiking Shangtong International Trading Service Co., Ltd.".
        The company, in collaboration with Binzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Binzhou Municipal Office, SAT, major banks, China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation Shandong Branch, founded "Foreign Trade Supply Chain Service Platform for Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises”, the only one in Northern China, which shall help medium, small and micro foreign trade enterprises to solve the problems of high operation costs for single enterprise, difficulties in financing, weak anti-risk capacity, and the lack of information channels of high-quality foreign buyers, and the original “Four Comprehensive Service Platforms" were upgraded into “Seven-Platform System", namely the International Trade Service Platform, Export Credit Insurance Intensive Platform, Financing Guarantee Platform, Public Information Platform, Public Logistics Platform, Public Display Platform, Overseas Loan Collection Platform, which are committed to providing international trade "one-stop" services based on the actual demand of the customers, and provide tailored and "personalized" value-added services, with the goal of achieving mutual benefit and common development with foreign-funded enterprises.

Service Products

We strive to provide you with full services

“One-stop” International Trade Service Operation

The customers engage in the development of overseas sales and sourcing organization within China, while our company provides full services of intermediate steps such as customs declaration, inspection, charter booking, verification, export tax refunds, which enables the clients to engage in the expansion of sale channels, scaling up, reducing costs and achieving win-win situation.

“On-demand Menu” International Trade Services Operation

At present, we set the following service export business models as on-demand menu: general services, that is to charge service fees in accordance with export value, and offer “one-stop” services.

Paid export tax service:Provide Paid Tax and “One-Stop”Services

1、Charge service fees according to export value, pay taxes and bear interest.
2、Charge service fees according to export value, pay taxes, yet do not bear interest.
3、Advance Service Export: Provide paid payment for goods and “one-stop” services. Charge service fees according to export value.
4、“Mortgage” Advance Service Export.
5、“Guarantee” Advance Service Export.

Package, Documentary Credit Service: Provide Bank Package, Documentary Credit and “One-Stop” Service.

Mortgage” package and documentary credit service export
“Guarantee” package and documentary credit service export
"Cooperative" service export
"Joint venture" service export

Service Outsourcing

“Personalized” foreign trade operation service Provide tailored service mode according to the actual needs of the customers.

Service Operation Platform
Integrated Logistics Services

Wintex Global Logistics Shandong Ltd, an international logistics company wholly owned by the Hiking Group, was credited an AAA freight forwarder in 2008 by China International Freight Forwarders Association.

The company serves as a Class A international freight forwarder, international shipping agency and chartering, sales agent for air transportation, customs inspection, post commissioned certificate, Class A freight yard, public bonded warehouse and customs supervision on transportation.

The company is the general agent for China Railway International Freight Forwarding Co. Ltd in Qingdao. The company is also the general agent for Russian State Railway Container Transportation Company and its wholly controlled subsidiary, Russian Siberian International Transportation Co. Ltd.

The company offers the following services: international ocean freight, international shipping agency and chartering, multimodal transportation, customs declaration and inspection, importing distribution for de-vanning, storage and transportation, ticket business for air and railway transportation. The company follows the business philosophy of honesty, security, quickness, commitment and responsibility, providing integrated modern logistics services for customers both home and abroad.

Features of Wintex

It is the first Chinese logistics company which cooperates with Cyprus for international logistics: Cyprus is an EU member, which is on the track of open market economy and fully engaged in import and export and entrepot export. Our company, with all-round cooperation in logistics with Cyprus, will be a bridge connecting you with EU member countries, Middle East and North Africa.

Railway Transport Agency

The company is the general agent for China Railway International Freight Forwarding Co. Ltd in Qingdao. We have opened container railway transport and vehicle railway transport to Russia, the five central Asian countries and Mongolia, together with the route to Vietnam by vehicle delivery.
It employs 53 feet container for shipment to Long Beach, Los Angeles, Huston and Chicago.
Super volume:1 = 2 The volume of one single 53 feet container equals that of one 20 feet container and one 40 feet container;
Super lowest freight: 1<2 The freight of one 53 feet container equals that of one 40 feet container;
Super volume! Super lowest freight! Big surprise! Offer door to door services for inland locations.

International Shipping Agency

It operates chartering and shipping business, which includes, the handling of the ships entry and departure formalities, the contact and arrangement of pilotage, berthing, loading and unloading; sign the bill of lading, shipping contract on someone’s behalf; the handling of customs inspection for the ships, containers and cargos; arrange shipments and loading, the handling of the consignment transshipment of cargos and containers.

Air Freight Agency

The company is a first class air freight agency approved by Civil Aviation Administration of China, and an air freight agency approved by IATA and FIATA. It maintains sound cooperation with air lines and their ground agents, the customs, and entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau, safety check bureau and other related departments. It provides the most competitive price, and enjoys fixed cabins and top priority to use the cabins during peak seasons.

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