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Industrial EPDM/Silicone/NBR/Viton/HNBR/FKM/SBR/FPM/Cr/NR Rubber O Ring

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Product Description

Suitable for multiple sealing forms: static seal and dynamic seal
Suitable for all kinds of application materials, the dimensions and grooves are standardized and interactive
Suitable for various forms of movement: rotational motion, axial reciprocation or combination motion (for example, rotating and reciprocating movement)
Suitable for many different sealing medium: oil, water, gas, chemical medium or other mixing medium

Commonly used rubber
Nr, NBR, HNBR, SBR, EPDM, Viton, FKM, Silicone Ect
NBRMineral oil resistance, good wear resistance, the most used in the oil seal. But can not be used to ketones and esters in polar solvents.
HNBRKeep NBR sealing characteristics, heat resistance, oil resistance and weather resistance than NBR excellent
ACMHeat resistance, alkali resistance and water resistance than other rubber to be slightly worse, but excellent weatherability
SIIt has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance and weatherability. But alkali and water
resistance  than   other rubber slightly worse
FPM With more than SI of heat resistance, excellent oil resistance and chemical resistance. Among all  kinds of rubber, the rubber is the best one with the best performance
EPDM Water resistance, solvent resistance, good resistance to inorganic chemicals and weather        resistance. But poor oil resistance
SBRPolar solvent resistance, excellent water resistance. But poor oil resistance
PTFE Heat resistance, cold resistance, chemical resistance, excellent weather resistance, low coefficient  of friction. But the elasticity is worse than rubber
FIBRE Using synthetic fiber as main material, heat resistance than always felt materials, excellent        resistance to loose material

Type O sealing ring is suitable for all kinds of mechanical equipment in the setting of temperature, pressure, and different liquid and gas medium, plays a role of sealing under static or motion. In machine tools, ships, automobiles, aviation, aerospace equipment, metallurgical machinery, chemical machinery, engineering machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, plastic machinery, agricultural machinery, and all kinds of instruments and meters, a large number of application of various types of the original seal. O type sealing ring is mainly used for static sealing and reciprocating seal. When used for rotating seal, it is restricted to low-speed rotary sealing device. The o-type sealing ring is usually installed in the outer circle or the inner circle of the inner circle. The o-type sealing ring has good sealing and damping effect on oil resistant, acid base, grinding and chemical corrosion. As a result, the o-ring is the most widely used seal in the hydraulic and pneumatic transmission system.

Effective sealing of oil, water, air, gas and various chemicals by selecting suitable rubber materials and proper formula design. Wide temperature scope (60 ºC -- 220 ºC).
We have various colors/specifications/shapes for choosing if customers offer the International Panton Color No. Or tell us their requirements.
Industrial EPDM/Silicone/NBR/Viton/HNBR/FKM/SBR/FPM/Cr/NR Rubber O Ring
Industrial EPDM/Silicone/NBR/Viton/HNBR/FKM/SBR/FPM/Cr/NR Rubber O Ring
Industrial EPDM/Silicone/NBR/Viton/HNBR/FKM/SBR/FPM/Cr/NR Rubber O Ring
Industrial EPDM/Silicone/NBR/Viton/HNBR/FKM/SBR/FPM/Cr/NR Rubber O Ring

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Mixer/Mixing Machine, Bag-Making Machine, Conveyor Belt manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 0.8mm 1.6mm Silicone Rubber Sheet for Flexible PCB ...

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