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Mesoporous Microporous Honeycomb Activated Carbon for Sale

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Honeycomb activated carbon with high-quality activated carbon from coal as raw material, the bee die pressing, high temperature activation baked. Waterloo activated carbon has a relatively large area, small through-hole resistance, porous developed, high adsorption capacity, long life and other characteristics, the air pollution control universal application. Selection of cellular activated carbon adsorption, gas porous charcoal that has a large surface contact with the exhaust gas pollutants are adsorbed decomposition, and thus play a purification.

Mesoporous Microporous Honeycomb Activated Carbon for Sale
concentration plant organic waste (triphenyl and poisonous gases) treatment. Suitable for indoor air purification, food fume exhaust treatment. Air conditioners, refrigerators, copiers, etc. in addition to smell. And as a catalyst carrier.

Based activated carbon for gas adsorption, benzene, toluene, xylene, acetone, oil and gas, CS2 and other organic solvents adsorption and recovery.

Cigarette filters, decoration of taste, indoor air purification (removing formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases), industrial gas purification (such as CO2, N2, etc.).

Petrochemical industry production, natural gas purification, the governance of desulfurization, deodorant, wastewater.

The air purification and deodorization of biochemistry, paint industry, underground spaces, leather factories, animal breeding places.

Flue gas odor adsorption, adsorption of sulfur compounds, the removal of mercury vapor, reducing the generation of dioxin.

Mesoporous Microporous Honeycomb Activated Carbon for Sale
Can be used directly or purified into cabinet, adsorption bed, if high concentrations of emissions, emissions from large, can both purify cabinet, bed rotate their use. During use, avoid high temperature, high temperature will reduce the amount of adsorption, adsorption capacity decreases with increasing temperature; while avoiding the high amount of dust and oil mist, because tar charcoal dust clouds can clog pores, increase the resistance, reduce the adsorption effect, if the environment contains a large concentration of dust and tar, dust filter should be installed before the class in order to achieve the best results and longest life.
Mesoporous Microporous Honeycomb Activated Carbon for Sale


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Activated Carbon, Activated Alumina, Manganese Sand manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Moisture Absorber Desiccant Based Pellets Activated Alu...

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